California’s Central Valley

Our walnuts come from the bountiful rich soils of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys, with the majority located in the Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. We consider our growers as our partners and are in constant dialogue with them regarding quality, crop and market conditions.

Our family operations as a whole can offer a wide variety of services to growers: from harvesting, hulling/dehydrating, to shelling, packing and marketing. Walnut growers, we are here to serve you and can help in one or a fully integrated service:

Ronald Martella Farms, Inc.
provides local walnut and almond growers full field harvesting services including shaking, sweeping, pick-up and trucking.

Martella’s Walnut Huller/Dehydrator
was re-built from new in 2001 and has the capacity to hull and dry 700 tons per day. We are located next door to Grower Direct Nut Company which allows us to move your conventional or organic product efficiently through to the next stage of processing.

Grower Direct Nut Company
is the processing and marketing step of our integrated services. Established in 2004, our goal is to provide our growers a more direct channel from the field to the final consumer—hence the name “Grower Direct Nut.” Today Grower Direct Nut Company buys, processes and sells walnuts from quality growers all throughout California’s walnut growing region.

Please contact our Grower Relations Department for more information on our contracts and services.

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Established growers and hullers have access to their account information via our On-line Grower Services Interface.